DFS KIT Manuals


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DFS Single/ 60 pages in color PDF $45



 DFS Dual  90 pages in color PDF $55


kit installation manuals


Manuals above include detailed parts list for engine installation, safety tips, and more from our 20+ year’s experience. Manuals are made in color with many pictures for step by step installations!



If you have a second hand DFS and you need a kit installation manual of the above

you need to provide 3 clear pictures minimum for ownership verification before you order a manual!


Parts List


DFS Single $20


DFS Dual  $26


To order please contact us

paypal verified accounts only please


For wheels, tires, brakes get it direct from Azusa eng. USA and save on s/h Azusa parts list for DFS Single and DFS Dual


Wheels, brakes, etc http://azusaeng.com/

Hardware USA http://www.aircraftspruce.com/

Hardware EU http://www.aircraftspruce.eu/

Engines and parts http://www.lockwood-aviation.com/

Engine Information Systems EIS



Attention: Prices may have change; email your parts order to confirm current prices.

Part prices can change any time by The Spartan Team, thank you


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