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Why? We know how to design make it reliable and safe!


We know the rules and all about certifications, our dfs aircraft been showcased round the world for over 2 decades, some been certified with the highest FAA certification for light aircraft and currently flying in many US airports


What we are looking for?


Looking for an investor/partner or even a buyer* to help us take this company up were is belongs


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It is time to move on !


Light sport aircraft been around for many years now, however our philosophy is safety first and slow flying, that is why we create composite frame for that extra protection and a good looking and more aerodynamic design. We Like to continue production on both powered parachute and glider wing planes but we thing it is time to move on to a all new  concept and design the first dfs drone!

A drone? Yes!


Our Amazing lightweight strong frame will be the best to transform to a drone. It can be used in many  commercial or recreational ways us it will be able to lift more weight then a small drone. An example is " crop spraying aircraft " that we can automate with GPS and a intelligent app to do the job.


Remember todays drones are very intelligent and you do not need to know how to fly, are picking GPS signals from both US and Russian satellites and have sonar sensors for indoors or to avoid obstacles! You can today easyle program a drone to do the job for you, look examples bellow.


Estimated Specifications & possibilities


Today drone can fly up to 30 min however with the proper design and modifications all is possible!


Dfs Single Uav


Autonomy 2-5 hours

Power: Battery/Solar/Gas

Carry Weight: 150-300 lbs

Speed: 0-100 mph


MSL: 20000 ft


Dfs Dual Uav


Autonomy 3-8 hours

Power: Battery/Solar/Gas

Carry Weight: 250-500 lbs

Speed: 0-80 mph


MSL: 15000 ft


This is a research project which we are looking for investors to assist us materialize and test. If you are interested in partnering on this astounding project, please contact us.

Please note that NO actual drone products are available for purchase on this or any other page of this website.


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Manufacturing rights now available with special contract and training. DFS Drone plans and DFS upgrates can work together with new investor, looking for the right investor. Contact us bellow for details price and appointment. SM - 2022