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Manufacturing rights DFS Single - DFS Dual and systems now available with special contract and training. for 10-20- or 30+ years DFS Drone research and DFS upgrates can work together with new investor, looking for the right investor. Contact us for details price and appointment. SM 02-2022



"Our History Starts back in 1984 when we first start flying Hang Gliders and Mountain Parachutes (today's paragliders) In just a couple years we have jump in to Trikes and start working on making the first prototypes! Our love for flying all kind of Microlights extended to powered paragliders and powered parachutes, Then the DFS came ...."


The DFS has been designed from pilots with a free flying background in Hang Gliding and Paragliding.The DFS concept came about from pilots themselves needing a way to fly more often. The design of the machine is very innovating and very advanced for is time. Constructed with ACCT© (Advance Composite Construction Technology.) that includes materials like Kevlar, Polyester, and Carbon, the body is very strong and light-weight giving the pilot extra protection! It's also very aerodynamic to minimize drag ang give the pilot maximum performance and creating a free-flying feeling"


"The Spartan Dual Face System (DFS)

One micro-light that can be flown with either a glider or a parachute. The trike has a dual function; if you decide to utilize the parachute, then fly slowly and enjoy the skies... If you yearn for performance choose the powered glider and the sky is the limit. Or even have the best of both worlds. Our unique patent pending mounting system allows you to fly either system*. Our systems provide more ways to have fun for a lower overall cost. This means that you can be flying at the beach in the summer and in the mountains in the winter. The possibilities are endless"

*dfs system is optional




"“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

― Leonardo da Vinci



dfs single trike

powered glider

dfs dual ppc

powered parachute

dfs single ppc

powered parachute

dfs dual trike

powered glider

dfs uav

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