DFS Dual Kit


DFS Dual Frame $6000

Azusa Parts $650 (**Wheels, brakes, etc order direct from Azusa and save, about $300+S/H, we will email you a parts list)

Bolts & Nuts kit $450 (order direct from aircraftspruse and save**)

PPC System with composite prop guard $1850

Trike System $795

Parachute APCO 500 PPC $000 (email us for current price)

Glider D160-190 by North Wing $000 (email us for current price)

Kit preparation (factory) $895 (kit comes almost pre-assembled)***


Recommended Engines


Rotax 503-582- B C or E drive - 912, 912S


Recommended props


2 blade wooden

3 blade composite

6 blade composite


Pallet packing $250

Wooden crate $450

Metal crate $550


Delivery time 6-12 weeks (quick order available for an extra charge)


Yes we have a step by step Kit installation manual, this is the easiest kit in the market, and we have 50% less bolts and nuts then everyone out there! This is what composite technology means!


*** Kits not include props, engine, small engine installation parts, like fuel lines, electrical wires,  etc….these items are optional as engine parts installation kit, we can email you a detailed item list and price per request! Please specified your engine type.


For wheels, tires, brakes get it direct from Azusa eng. USA and save on s/h Azusa parts list for DFS Single and DFS Dual


**Wheels, brakes, etc order direct from Azusa about $300+S/H

Azusa, http://azusaeng.com/

**Hardware USA http://www.aircraftspruce.com/

**Hardware EU http://www.aircraftspruce.eu/

Engines and parts http://www.lockwood-aviation.com/

Engine Information Systems EIS



Part prices can change any time by The Spartan Team, thank you