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Are you the designer of the Spartan machine?

If yes my congratulations.

This is the most simple and most beautiful concept on the market, I was myself in car design and prototypes building hand made (GT bodies on stock chassi)

This is why I am attracted to this machine

10 or 15 years later still looking sharp


Jean C. Australia



I have completed my DFS PPC  I used a performance design Sun Riser chute, I had the risers made at High Energy Sports.   This a very stable machine. I have no video and few pictures, However I have promised Chris L. some pictures when I get it out again.


Randy South Dakota DFS Dual PPC


Because of some custom clearance problems I was able to receive the plane a couple of days ago. My first impression is that the composite work is superb!


Augusto F. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA


I'm certainly enjoying owning the DFS.  It is a very attractive design - quite unique.  And the flying times thus far were great.More than you may want to know,   I do enjoy the DFS and try to fly every weekend.  It is probably the most attractive unit made. The seat and back are terrific.


John W. Las Vegas, NEVADA



Receive delivery and  have install and fly the DFS Dual Trike at sort time, very easy kit. Flying is thrill and the Trike is very beautiful. I am very happy with the quality . I send pictures soon. Thank you


Hans F Germany


This make of Trike is flown by several disable Pilots around the world, Including me Sean Scott.


Scott's Trike Center North Carolina


Hello All

I flew the single seat DFS PPC Today !  YA!!!!!!!!

The wing Flies very nice.

 I will get PICS next time!


Mark Denny Florida


Today, we had nine (9) flights with a total airtime of approximately three (3) hours. We had tested this Trike to the max; landing on grass fields, on pavement, and using different landing techniques. This trike is just amazing, with such a low center of gravity it is very stable in any kind of landing conditions. Landing it feels like its nailed in to the ground, giving you an extra secure feeling to land anywhere during cross country flying. Up in the air the aerodynamics of this plane are incredible. With the low drag airfoil, this is the first dual Trike that I ever flown that doesnt stay behind, it gives you a free flying feeling (like your flying a hang glider). The air flow comes right above the pilot and passenger and creates minimum drag for maximum performance and efficiency. At take off the plane is very stable at any nose angle and feels very comfortable. The anatomic pilot seat is excellent providing support and giving the pilot an very secure feeling. The passenger seat is just the most comfortable seat out there. This Trike is just amazing. We love it!


Steve M. Richie K. New York


Attached are some of my resent pictures that you can use on your website. I soloed on 11/21/03 at Pickens County Airport in Jasper Georgia. Very nice.


Michael Hoffman  Georgia


"I started flying hang gliders back in the 70's and I flew for 3 years after losing my leg and one day decided HG was over and now I am into Triking in Norwalk, CA. " Ron is an amputee that flies his Spartan Aviation DFS Trike.


Ron Las Vegas


Here is a picture of a single seat spartan that we bought in 1998 and reworked to what we thought were updates. It has a 4130 chromoly skeleton frame with a bigger dash and steering bars for your feet. Complete ring for prop cage with a 503 and a 62 inch prop. Check it out and let us know what you think. What would just the body shell cost? I am thinking of building me a single place machine and I like this body style and the seat. It is the most comfortable machine I have flown. The machine in the picture is my wife's, and she does not want to share.


John Lett TN USA


Spartan Microlightsmakes THE BEST PPC in the industry!

This is the Cadillac of all Powered Parachutes!


Jason H. KS